Are You A Good Listener?

You know being a great listener is the base to any great relationship.

Want to be a great employee? Learn to listen to what the needs are of your boss better.

Want to be a great boss? Learn to listen the needs of your employees better.

Want to be a great spouse; friend, or sibling. Just remember that the creator gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Maybe its for us to pay attention and listen more, then to speak and convey our needs before listening.

I was listening to some audio recordings this morning and the speaker said something that I had heard before, but for some reason it truly hit home today. The speaker said that one can not listen and do other things. Like people will say “Go ahead, I am listening…” as they as washing dishes or scrolling on their phone. A conversation like that is doom for confusion, and problems down the road so it would be better for one party to simply say, “Hey, let me finish with the dishes and then I will be ready to talk and give you the desired attention you deserve.”

Or the party speaking may want to say to the other person doing other things, “Hey, I’ll come back when you are free.”

As the speaker finished up the recording, they left with 3 tips on how to ramp up your listening skills.

  1. Make room for others to speak – Stop Talking! Show with body language that you actually care about this conversation to be had, and that you respect it by giving it your time.
  2. Build bridge and have some patience.
  3. Commit to listening. Give it your time, your focus, as well as your attention so that both parties can get the most out of the conversation.

I hope this little tid bit about listening can help some one. I know when I heard it, I felt or rather heard it a wee bit differently today.

They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears…so just maybe I was your teacher today, and gave you some food for thought.

Have a productive and prosperous day!

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