Time Expands To The Task At Hand

Time expands to the task at hand…

According to the Lifehack website:

Parkinson’s Law – work expands to fill the time available for its completion – means that if you give yourself a week to complete a two hour task, then (psychologically speaking) the task will increase in complexity and become more daunting so as to fill that week.

I have a clear example of that…

One day I had to drive for work from 6am til 2pm then I had a few errands to run before heading home and finishing up some writing for a product I am creating when my baby hits me up and says:

“Don’t forget her chorus recital is tonight and that she is staying after school so no worries on picking her up after school as I usually do…”

That put a definite shift in my plans towards getting my writing in for my product that I am creating… but does that mean I can shift my responsibility and just say screw it… No! Not at all… cuz the task at hand expands to the time allowed.

So I made out a plan for myself…

Get errands done by 3pm,
Get home by 3:30pm,
Write til 5:30pm,

Quickly put a couple veggie burgers in the George Foreman while I take a quick shower…

Once out of the shower, get the veggie burgers out, eat and get dressed at the same time and out the door by 6pm.

My daughter’s recital started at 630pm and it only takes about 15 minutes to get there…

I told myself that any thing I needed to finish up (and there was maybe about one more page worth of content that I had to do ) that I would finish it up once I came home from the recital.

Why am I telling you about this day? Because it was such a time crunch and rush rush situation and I was tired but I didn’t make any excuses I just made it happen!

It would of been very easy to just say you know what I got this recital to go to never mind on writing today.

Since I decided that I was going to get this done and I gave it a time, I was able to complete the task.

But had I of told myself “Aahh I’ll just get it done next week” then the task would of got done next week.

The law is saying it’s not the time or the task at hand it’s you and your motivation and setting the tone for what you will make happen or not make happen in your life.

I’m sharing this to prove to you that just cuz I am writing this to you doesn’t make me someone special… I struggle with time management as well.

The only difference between you and I, and in truth the only difference between us all are the choices we make and the action we do or don’t take!

Set the tone, set the pace and watch things work out great!!

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